A progressive, employee driven, performance tool that employees WANT to use

Designed by HR Leaders

Clear communication, performance-based accountability, and balanced transparency have become critical to engaging remote and hybrid employees. BPM Link is a uniquely qualified solution to address each of these components whether your team is remote, in-person or hybrid.   Our platform supports clear expectations, facilitates strategic conversations and allows every voice to be heard.

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Key Features That Keep The Meaningful Conversations Going:

    • Guided 1:1s
    • Two-Way Feedback
    • Employee Shoutouts
    • Informed 360 Feedback
    • Robust Reporting
    • Employee Owned Responsibilities and Goals
    • Visibility of Vision, Purpose, and Values
    • Employee Alignment to Strategy

Aligning People & Strategy

Managing a remote workforce has its challenges. When employees share in the creation of their roles and responsibilities and can see the link to the company initiatives, change happens; accountability and engagement occurs. The entire organization becomes more agile and efficient. 

With BPM Link everyone knows:

  • Their unique primary job responsibilities and how they are measured
  • How they are performing against expectations
  • How their efforts contribute to meeting company initiatives
  • The entire organization’s performance at a glance

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