About Us

Who We Are and Why We Do It

For years, we watched great companies lose key talent due to a lack of meaningful engagement, clear communication and performance-based accountability. So, we did the research and designed our own comprehensive software solution that could handle the job — all while still making that invaluable, human-to-human connection with accurate goal tracking, value-driven feedback and other real-time insights.

And then we launched it – BPM Link!

Taking The Next Step In Workplace Evolution

As the workforce evolves, so do the needs of each individual. Younger generations are reaching the job market having cut their teeth on taking standardized tests and receiving rapid feedback. Good or bad, they want to consistently know how they’re doing. They want to be engaged. They want to perform at their best for an organization that cares that they are at their best. 

What happens without that connection? Silence. That silence is met with apathy, and with apathy comes low performance, a loss of loyalty and a rise in attrition rate. We built BPM Link to act as that steady stream of conversation between you and your team. This employee engagement software isn’t designed to replace an entire HR department, but rather to supplement their efforts, help them get to know each person better and keep your top talents around longer.

Meet Our Leaders

Stacy Litteral

With more than 20 years of Human Resource and business strategy experience, Stacy plays an integral role in ensuring not only that BPM Link is the right fit for your organization, but also that you are making full use of all of the resources at your fingertips once your team has been properly onboarded.

She strongly believes the proper alignment between employees’ personal values/goals with those of the organization (and effective dialogue around those shared goals) is a critical component of a healthy, pragmatic and productive work culture.



Jill Pappenheimer

With extensive experience in business management and strategy advising, Jill helped design much of the BPM Link framework and continues to help fine-tune our platform to best serve a broader range of clientele with ever-growing needs. She continues to be a vital component of our user experience team.

Jill’s steadfast goal is to help employees – at companies of all sizes – share in the creation of their professional roles and responsibilities. This “link” is invaluable to all parties and allows change to happen, engagement to occur and accountability to be solidified.



BPM Link Is Powered By BPM

BPM is a uniquely forward-thinking, people-centered accounting and consulting firm. Ranking within the top 50 largest accounting and advisory firms in the U.S., the Firm is best known for its depth of industry knowledge, breadth of services and ability to connect with its clients on such a personable level. BPM provides the additional resources and experience-driven insight necessary to allow our platform to grow and the companies it serves to thrive!

We’ve leveraged over 40 years of combined experience in HR and Growth Advising to design the best tool for the aligned workforce. Our breadth and depth of HR knowledge have driven us to develop this game-changing software tool. Combined with our coaching and growth advising experience, BPM Link is not only innovative but raises HR’s role to the highest strategic level. We have created an amazing user experience, through our world-class development and design teams, which your employees will love. Your HR department will become your most powerful asset.

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