Focus On Your Team to Avoid the Great Resignation

Focusing on Your Team in the New Year

The hybrid workforce is in full effect. Budgets have been approved and company priorities are set for 2022. Typically, after we return from the holiday break, we’re off and running in the new year. Before we know it, we’re back to the same routine.  

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Why Are My Employees Quitting?

A Closer Look At Why People Leave and What You Can Do To Retain Top Talent 

With more than 38 million workers dropping their jobs in 2021 alone, it is safe to say that the Great Resignation is upon us, and this has many employers throughout the country (rightfully) nervous. After all, the pain of high turnover goes beyond the loss of great people – it is also quite costly to hire new employees and train them up in a timely manner… assuming that you can even identify a replacement.  

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