How BPM Link Helps Align Company Strategy With Individual Goals

Elevating employee engagement, growth and true team member inclusion requires transparent communication, but also a steady stream of value-driven feedback and accurate goal tracking. You get all of this and more with BPM Link. Take a closer look at what all this platform offers your on-site, remote or hybrid workforce.

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Reinforce Company Purpose With Values

BPM Link keeps all team members connected — to one another and to your organization’s overall mission. Our platform’s emphasis on access and transparency ensures employees know everything they need to know about the organization’s direction. And on top of that, it makes it easy for employees to see the role their duties play in that direction, making a direct connection between the work they do on a day-to-day basis and the organization’s long-term goals.

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Enlighten Leaders and Engage Employees With Real-Time Insights

BPM Link was created to streamline communications and performance management, ensuring there are as few obstacles as possible. Because the platform uses real-time automation, there’s no undue pressure to remember the responsibilities associated with maintenance of the platform. And the entire process is employee-driven, so team members are motivated to participate and take an active role in their advancement. The platform operates in real time, which means more opportunities for managers to offer feedback and take stock of their employees’ work; more opportunities for employees to get feedback; and more opportunities to celebrate successes and reward good performance.

Transparent, Guided 1:1s to Support Talent Development

Our platform is designed to keep everyone in the loop and give team members access to all the information they need at any given time. Employees appreciate transparency, and that’s exactly what BPM Link offers them. BPM Link makes it easy and efficient to facilitate one-on-ones, so employees have every chance to get feedback and improve their performance.

Keep The Conversations Alive and Productive

The BPM Link platform makes it possible to offer employees continuous dialogue. The days of the annual performance review are over; today’s workers, especially young people in the workforce, are forever seeking more feedback on the quality of their work and how it contributes to the company’s operations. You can use BPM Link to offer employees the input they need on a recurring basis, keeping them engaged and making sure they know how much the organization values them. Whether employees are working remotely, in the office or some combination of both, BPM Link keeps the dialogue going and bridges the gap between their impressions and the reality of the organization’s objectives

Gain Actionable Employee Feedback

BPM Link makes employees active participants in their advancement within the organization and in the general direction of their careers. The invitation to continuously engage with management makes it easier for team members to address their concerns and their own ideas for the company’s direction. That means you, as a manager, have the opportunity to catch and resolve little problems before they become big problems — keeping morale and productivity high, and encouraging a proactive approach at all levels.

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BPM Link opens up a world of opportunity to give and receive high-quality feedback, facilitate open communication and make sure employees feel valued. Sign up for a demo to see what kind of difference our platform can make for your organization!